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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Froggy Goes A-Courting, and A-Schooling, and A-Dining...

Le Musée des grenouilles, Switzerland. 

So, you are a Napoleonic guard who loved to take countryside walks through the area of Estavayer-le-Lac in Fribourg Canton, Switzerland.  You noticed that there are lots and lots of frogs around.  You decide to catch them and ponder what to do with them.

Something sparks your creative streak, and you decide to gut them, and fill them up with sand, allowing you to manipulate them like beanbags.  Now what?  Well, how about using them in little dioramas?  One man did...

All three images above courtesy of Wikipedia.

Le Musée des grenouilles features the work of Francois Perrier, from 1848-1860. These satirical scenes form a famous part of the museum's collections.  The building and the collection came under the ownership of Estavayer-le-Lac in May of 1927, after 27 years of effort and a world war.  The building is from the 14th century, and was owned by Humbert le Bâtard, Lord of Estavayer.

All three images above courtesy of Wikipedia.

The museum has a number of collections, handed over by families from Estavayer and nearby Fribourg. There are a wide variety of objects to view, including tools, toys, church vestments, prints, antique paintings, and books.  The prehistory exhibit has objects from the Stone and Bronze ages, mostly from Jurassic lakes and lake dwellers.

They have weapons from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. Some come from the Sepoys, who were interned there in 1940-41.  There are also weapons from Swiss mercenaries of the Burgundian War who were in the service of France.

A Bronze Age axe.
Mustard Adrian helmet of the African troops of the French Army, 1915.
A Saber.  All three images above courtesy of Wikipedia.

If you are traveling in Europe and are in the area, this is one of those unusual regional delights that you shouldn't miss...

Le Musée des grenouilles website.

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