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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine's Day!  Roses, chocolate, a nice dinner out... the usual - blah, blah, blah.  How about mixing it up a little this year?

First of all, heart-shaped desserts are de rigueur.  But why not be anatomically correct and go with some authentic-looking treats?  One of the ones below should appeal to someone with real heart.

If you happen to be in London, then go to the London Dungeon,
which will be giving out free cupcakes to visitors.  These cupcakes are
designed by 
Miss Cakehead of the Eat Your Heart Out cake shop.

This one was created by internationally famous designer
Naoto Fukasawa.
Lili Vanilli's red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and black current
and cherry "blood".  Priced at roughly $11, 20% of the proceeds go to
Trekstock, a music and fashion charity raising money for youths with cancer.
This specimen is one pound of solid chocolate, and will run you $16
from Bluelips.

Women, if your guy is kind of macho, and you don't think a heart, anatomical or otherwise, would make a suitable gift, then how about these tools?

Designed by Fran Kobe Sweets, these are in a limited edition
of 5,000 sets, at about $32.

You may want to make something special for your loved one.  A homemade treat always hits the right spot.  Something like this, perhaps?

If you would prefer something jigglier, try this gelatin mold.
Strawberry, cherry, or a mix of flavors?

A nice cuppa is always good.  You can buy a whole heart-shaped tea set to serve your favorite tea in:

The cup and saucer from a tea set by Wagokoro-Ya.
You can also buy Japanese tea cups in a heart shape.

Men, how about something for the woman who can't have enough shoes?  (Can't you just see Pee Wee Herman in these?)

Hand-carved, custom-made shoes from Booty Cocktails, only $199.95.
These are model 0536 "Red Heart Wooden Stripper Shoes" by Karos Shoes.
(As far as I am aware, Birkenstock's doesn't make anything like these, so I'm out.)

Perhaps you are looking for something that both of you can enjoy together.  Mua is just the thing for lovers.  Wicker-wrapped steel, lined in red, it can dangle from a tree for the true Tarzan/Jane/(Cheeta?) experience.

Lounge furniture by Victor Aleman available at busyboo.

Maybe Valentine's Day is one of those where it isn't even worth chewing through the restraints.  Here both of you can get your frustrations out by actually chewing on your cuffs:
What if you are alone and broken-hearted on Valentine's Day?  Help is available with the Love Patch.  It can help you with your addiction, making you a better person.  Perhaps.

And finally, what better way to get rid of your lover than with the following gift? A limited edition Marmite, with added champagne flavor...
'Nuff said!  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!



  1. heart shaped hearts? with fake blood? but it's the shoes that get me. can anybody really walk in those?

  2. You'll note they are called "stripper's shoes". So I guess you'd just have to walk around on stage with them. I would love to eat the red velvet cake heart with cream cheese icing and black current and cherry blood - just with my eyes closed!